About the band

The Sentimentals

Danish backing band and folk music pioneers The Sentimentals have toured both America and Europe with American, Canadian, Danish and Swedish artists since 2004 playing 1000+ shows. Past tours include Jonathan Byrd, Ana Egge, Dana Cooper, Matt Harlan, Anthony Da Costa and Slaid Cleaves.

The Sentimentals also collaborated on album releases with Matt Harlan (Bow and be simple 2013), Jonathan Byrd (Mother Tongue 2015) and Ana Egge (Say That Now 2016).

The Sentimentals are M.C. Hansen on guitar & vocals (www.mchansen.com), Nikolaj Wolf on bass & vocals (www.nikolajwolf.dk) and Jacob Chano on drums and vocals (www.jacobchano.dk).


August 29th 2022
Shrewbury Folk Festival UK
with Stephen Fearing (CAN)