Here’s some of the artists that The Sentimentals have toured and recorded with…

Gurf Morlix

“The Sentimentals are the real deal. They completely understood all the influences I draw from, and had the perfect feel. Hey – that rhymes. We could write a song!”

Jonathan Byrd

“The Sentimentals are support specialists. A helpline for songs. A secret weapon.”

Dana Cooper

“Playing with a band like The Sentimentals is a rare experience. These fellows have hyper tuned their musical senses to serve the song in the leanest, most expressive way. When we play together I feel I can actually lean on them. Accomplished musicians, steadfast comrades, bright, intuitive and completely down to earth. From ballads to rockers The Sentimentals are my go to guys.”

Ana Egge

“They’re great musicians and such sweet fellows. They help create an earthy sweetness around the song that’s so desireable.”

Matt Harlan

“The Sentimentals have this way of being both malleable and distinctive. They breathe new life into your songs without losing the original context. Whether they’re holding down the beat or improvising new arrangements on the fly, these guys bring the vibe. What more could you want from a backing band?!”